Buy Virkon S Disinfectant For Pigeons

If you don't know what Virkon S is, here's a quick low down. Dupont Virkon S is a super effective disinfectant which is widely used in the farming industry. It's also used in many other environments the world over. Basically, anywhere that has the potential for the spread of diseases and viruses Virkon S is considered as one of the best disinfectants to fight, beat and protect against a lot of nasty diseases and viruses, including FMD (Foot and Mouth Disease), Swine Flu and Avian Influenza. Virkon S is a virucidal disinfectant, which means it doesn't just stop the virus from spreading but actually kills it.

This unbelievably powerful product really has become a big part of many industries bio security procedure. It plays a very important role. Pathogens fear Virkon S!. And as a result, livestock has reaped the rewards. It's a multi-purpose disinfectant that can be applied in many ways. Of course, it can be ingested by livestock (animals) and can also be used externally to disinfect / sanitise everything from walls, table tops, Stables and Kennels, to Pigeon Lofts and even the Pigeons themselves (Taken by adding a small amount of the Virkon S powder mixed in with the water).

Where can I buy Virkon S from?

Virkon S is available to buy from quite a few online outlets, one being Amazon UK (from numerous suppliers). It's easily obtainable in powder or tablet form. Click here to see all sizes and quantities currently for sale. When buying bigger quantities (5KG+) it can get fairly expensive. However, depending on what your using it for it can stretch pretty far. And for those wanting to purchase a small amount in order to give it a trial run, it is available in a 50 gram sachet for a very cheap price. It's available for sale in both tablet and powder form, from 50 grams to 50 tablets, right up to the big 10KG Tub. See the link above.

So, what is the dosage for Pigeons?

For pigeons that are showing signs of illness the dosage is around half a teaspoon (that's an average to low dosage) per 4 litres of water. This is a short term treatment (3 - 5 days), but positive signs of recovery should be seen within a day or two. However, a large majority of birds (dependant on the seriousness of the illness) will be totally cured within that short time period. It can also used as a general health tonic for pigeons that are in good health, helping keep illness and viruses away. The dose for this is around the same, half a teaspoon per 4 litres of water fed to them for two / three days. Some people do this every two to three months, while others treat their pigeons maybe once every 12 months. Virkon S is used in the poultry industry, particularly on young chickens (chicks) with excellent results.

Can Virkon S be used in Aquatics?

Yes. Virkon S has shown very positive results as being an excellent disinfectant for keeping harmful pathogens, viruses and bacteria at bay. It's widely used by private fish owners, Aquaculture and Fish Farms. Very popular with Koi fish. There are dedicated products available for Aquatics, specifically made for that purpose. See the link above for more information.

Looking for the data / information sheet? Click here.


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