Second Hand Pigeon Lofts For Sale

Pigeon Lofts come in many different sizes. Smaller ones are usually cheaper, and the bigger ones can get fairly expensive. However, if you have the room it makes sense to buy a bigger loft / coop because what you get for the money (When buying second hand), in most cases, is actually an excellent deal. Some of the lofts for sale are basically large sheds that have been converted into homes for pigeons. Of course, the size of enclosure you will need is dependant on how many pigeons you need to house. Take into consideration the size you may need for the future if you are slowly adding more birds to your collection. You may need a bigger loft. If not then the smaller examples are fairly cheap.

However, with both big and small, have you ever thought of just making your own..They're quite easy to make. Most of them are made from wood or plastic and can be built from start to finish pretty quickly. There are many different design options and types, from shed like "houses", to perches, nesting boxes, breeding lofts, cages and a whole host of long and short boxes / holes for housing small or large quantities of birds, singly or all together.

This all depends on you, your circumstances, and the space that you have at your disposal. Almost any space and dimensions can be worked with. If you need some design ideas take a look at the video below. It just shows that you really don't need to spend much money. A little creativity goes a long way.

Can't be bothered with any work and still want to buy one used / second hand?

Take a look on Gumtree, eBay, Classified ads and local papers to see what's available. You should find quite a few for sale. But remember, if you need a big loft most sellers will request in their advert that the buyer has to disassemble the loft on collection. So even if you buy one ready-made there is still some work involved in taking it down and then putting it up again. Unless you hire a big vehicle and tow it away in one piece!

Condition is always important. Ask how old it is, and are there any imperfections, such as rotting wood, accidental damages or alterations that have been made so it could be used for housing other birds, like Harris Hawks etc. Diseases and illness: It's always worth asking if the loft has been cleaned prior to sale. Whether it has or not you should still perform your own deep clean with a super strong but safe disinfectant like Virkon S before putting your own birds inside.

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